Greater-Than-Solomon Mastermind

Are You Tired Of Leading With Great Results But Without Fulfilment?

Yes! The Mastermind 
Is For Me!

You are accomplished, respected, and wealthy but still nurse a big void of discontentment and disappointment in your heart!

It's time to shift gear into the highest standard of leadership through the combination of a wise and understanding heart, able to discern and execute justice , just like King Solomon, but insulated from his failures just like Jesus - the Greater-Than-Solomon leader!

Yes! The Mastermind Is For Me!

You Can Operate At The Frontiers Of Fulfilment - The Highest Level Of Leadership Achievement.

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Diagnose Your Status Quo

Discover the root cause of your inability to obtain results that gives  fulfilment.

Re-energise Your Core

Recondition Your Heart

Be exposed to knowledge and deep insights that engineer shifts in your heart.

Prepare Against Pitfalls

Build Strategic Strength

Prepare ahead of key pitfalls that spoil strong leaders and keep them from being fulfilled.

Be Transformed

A Greater-Than-Solomon You!

Be empowered for leadership by learning from the leader like no other - Jesus Christ!